Long live the Queen! Serouisly she needs to live.

ImageQueen Elizabeth II in recent years has enjoyed the popularity that only her predecessors could dream. Evey one is fascinated by her, What is she like? What does she watch on TV?  The reason that she is so popular is because the Queen has kept silent.She does not give interviews and has no opinion of society. This is why the Queen has survived, By sticking to being a traditional monarch who stands waves and smiles but never speaks out. Even in the worst of situations were the Queen could use her divine right to rule to interfere and do what the people are asking the government to do would she be slandered by the public for interfering in something that most people say is non of her business. The Queen has clearly heard and learn. Although is has not always worked, The Queen’s stay away attitude nearly toppled the monarchy in august/ Sept 1997 on the death of Diana when she did not return to Buckingham Palace for Bamoral in Scotland. Further to that no flag flew over Buckingham Palace half mast of otherwise. Just to take a few moments to talk about the Flag crisis in 1997, the reason that a flag is not flown half mask over Buckingham ImagePalace is that the flag fly’s for the Queen. The Royal Standard will never fly half mast, never, since there is always a monarch. In Diana’s death, due to an out pour of mourning, the Union flag was flown at half mast over Buckingham Palace until the Queen’s return.

Although the Queen has had not the most popular of reigns over the years, in the 90s it just seemed no body liked her, She has made up for that by re branding the Monarchy in the 21st century and now enjoying immense popularity. But can the Monarchy survive when she is gone? People like the fact that the Queen is an old dear who has been Queen since before anybody can remember. People like the mystique that surrounds her, the fact that she was raised on a comparably different era, people see her as a slice of living history.

Lets say that (god forbid) The Queen Un unexpectedly died this morning. Her oldest son as per tradition becomes King. Ask our self’s this? Do we want another Monarch in the UK? I believe that Elizabeth II will become known as the exception. People excuse the monarch Imagebut in my view as soon as the Queen dies, the monarchy dies with her.

King Charles  has a serious job in front of him, and his work cut out. like his mother the new King is out spoken, talks on TV, and has an unpopular Wife. The first wrong move the new King would make is to announce Camilla will become Queen. When it comes to these issues people wont just forgive, there will be an out pour of anger towards him. The outcome of his first year will either lead to two outcomes, He will be forced to abdicate in favor of a popular William And Kate, or government will put the wheel in motion for a public vote on weather the monarchy should exist.

The first of the two outcomes would be the best, And I’m sure the Queen is aware of it. It must be obvious in the Palace the monarchy will die with Charles and that Charles should surpass the throne to his own son. British people like there monarch in 2 different ways. Youthful and old, However the Monarch must have been youthful and worked there way to old. Charles is just old, something that will never work.

In my view, i hope i am wrong, the monarch will not see out the century. People wont be as forgiving once the Queen is dead.

However there are possibleImage factors that will ensure that maybe just maybe the monarch might survive. The first is whats above, Charles can not be King. This would make William King and Kate his Queen. The 2nd is that William and Kate’s first born is a girl. Females tend to make far more popular monarchs then men. It would also be historic to see a Queen who has a brother on the throne.

But Whilst the Queen is here the Monarchy is safe, When she dies something will change. People like The Queen, they don’t like her job.




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