Freedom will always win in the face off terror.

Freedom will always win in the face off terror.

Just a quick blog before my daily one a bit later on,

When anything like what happened in Boston happens in the world I get a sick feeling deep in my stomach. It’s always a harsh reminder that we are never far from terror, and it is always unexpected and undeserved.

I live in the UK and back during the London bombs a few years ago now, the sheer terror and grief that cripples you for a day as you watch and see the horrors unfold in a city you call home. But let’s not focus of the evil of the world in a moment like this; let’s think about the hero’s who are saving people’s lives whilst putting their own at risk. The amazing stories of heroic actions and incredible tales of bravery that follow such tragic events are the ones we should tell are children. Kindness will always outweigh evil, however evil an action.

I send my prayersto Boston today.



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