Can we live without Facebook?

Can we live without Facebook?


An interesting question came to me not too long ago, Could I delete my Facebook?




My answer for that at the moment would be no… Don’t get me wrong… I would love to delete it, but then how would I know what everyone’s doing? Back in 1998 how did we invite people to events? How would I ever find out that the girl I knew from primary school 15 years ago had burst her tire on the M11 on the way to work. Well the plain answer to that one is that you didn’t.



Life before Facebook was a place when you would meet people and would most likely never see them again, but now all you have to do is find out there name and who you met them through then get on Facebook and hunt them down. Once they have accepted you, in which 99% do, you can find out almost everything about them. We live in a day and age were we have transformed the way we live our life’s on a daily basis being able to stay connected with people who we only met that one time drunk at a fancy dress party.




So is it a bad thing?


I was born in 1991, amongst the last generation that can barely remember a life without smart phones/internet, when we would go out into the street and play, but not be allowed to cross the line at the end of the street and be in before the street lamps turn on. It wasn’t until I was in year 7 in 2002 that something called Bebo popped up. Suddenly we could all talk to each other in ICT without talking. Then MSN came along, I remember a 13 year old me running to get home to log on just so I could talk to the same people I had been speaking to all day at school, but online. Eventually MySpace kicked off allowing us to create our own identity online, enabling us to show are interests, hobbies and favorite music with all our friends. But then something totally different was born. Facebook. The thing is with Facebook is from the outset in 2007 it looked like another MySpace, it started off as a tame website where we could type a sentence and it would sum up what we were thinking at that moment in time, and people could like that. However as years have progressed Facebook has become something different something we have come to rely on in our day to day lives. It how we keep in touch, we can stalk our exes, look for people we have not spoken to in years, keep connected to a point where it has become impossible to lose touch, so in a way it’s not so much a bad thing…






It could be said that Facebook has ruined our lives in a way… No longer can anything be done in secret, unlike MySpace which was more aimed at young people. My mother found out I smoked when she saw a picture I was tagged in of me holding a cigarette, something I had desperately tried to keep secret, but Facebook ruined that for me. No longer can you have a house party whilst mum and dad are away without your parents seeing something on Facebook. Facebook has also made it near impossible to cheat on your partner, I discovered my ex cheated when a picture came up on my Facebook, in the background was them in a rather compromising position. Interestingly for most people I know, their partners know there password. Anyone is only one click away from being found out, so in a way Facebook has made our life’s very public, everyone knows are business and anyone can find out where we are at any moment. Privacy in the 21st century is dead.


Facebook killed the competition 




Facebook has done something that the rest failed to do, it has molded its self into our day to day life, and it has made its self part of us. Life before Facebook seems like a lifetime ago. So the question is still unanswered, could we live without Facebook?


In the past I have found that people can be fickle. Things go in and out of fashion just like Lady Gaga changes her outfits. One minute MySpace enjoyed having the crown of the internet and lost it just as quick as people found something better. So will Facebook lose favour? Is there something just around the corner waiting to become the next big thing? In my view at this time it looks as if Facebook with wear the crown for a long time to come. It seems no website, including Google, instagram and twitter dare step out of place and go into direct competition by creating something even better. Similar yes, better never. For Facebook’s subjects it’s better to wait in the wings until there is a notable change in the wind before attempting to oust Mark Zuckerberg.




Without going on to much I do think, yes, Facebook will one day no longer hold any more relevance. But this will only happen when we find something that could make the way we connect even better. What Facebook has done has created something that we find we can’t live without and not even notice. But the answer to my question, “Could we live without Facebook?” Is at the moment, yes we could, it would be hard but it is doable. But if I wrote this in 10 years time and Facebook or something better was still around I would say; no we could not live without it. We as people are slowly transferring are lives on to the internet. It’s out with home photo albums and instead granny heads to the desktop to show embarrassing pictures of you to your new partner. In 2013 it is possible to revert are ways and leave the internet behind, but the longer we stay the more likely it will be that we will be staying forever. Untimely it will become not just part of our lives, but part of us.


A Last Thought...


Whilst writing this I discovered that “Facebook” Is not yet a word recognized on my version of Microsoft windows. I mentioned Facebook only 16 times in this blog. I would ask that you be kind this is actually the first blog I have ever written =p. And for the time being will write one a day until the end of this week. I’m writing blogs to practice my general writing skills…


Please do give me advice and tips on my writing as well as letting me know on what you think of the subject.



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