A prime Minister That new what she wanted.

  We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Maggie Yet…

Yesterday “The Wizard of Oz” Wicked Witch of the east theme, “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” climbed to No.2 in the British music charts yesterday. Something I find reflects an ignorant nation more then divided.


Im sure in the past few days that we have all seen and heard enough of Margaret Thatcher to last a life time, But ahead of the funeral i wished to take the time to reflect of whom i have found to be a remarkable woman’s life.


The Wicked witch in the “Wizard of Oz”


Most of the people who got it up there are under the age of 22, the 

 majority were not even alive during Margaret Thatcher’s Premiership let alone remember it.


I wasn’t alive during her leadership either, but I have been able to marvel at it thanks to YouTube, as I watch her career progress as if she was still Prime Minister.  Now, I’m not a conservative nor if I was alive in the 1970s would I would not have voted for her (Although I most likely would as I would love the idea of a female leader) But I think, how shameful and embarrassing that we would disrespect someone so much. I don’t think the message is a hate message, taking such a song to No.2, But I think it’s a message that portrays allot of ignorance and UN-educated people.


I get it…


Her politics were tough on allot of people, but let’s not talk about her politics, let’s talk about the woman behind that. Born the daughter of a store keeper, Thatcher was born unlike many prime ministers, into no money. She worked hard, got into Oxford and of course got into politics becoming the first female ever to sit in cabinet. The other day I watched an interesting television show from 1971. It was a Q&A show with Margaret Thatcher taking questions as the Secretary of Education. Back then, before the soviets dubbed her the iron lady, she was known as the milk snatcher and people were not happy with her. What had happened is that the Labour government had capped the eligibility for free milk to a child over the age of 11. One woman in the audience, a woman of 6 children complained that she got £18 a week on benefits and could hardly afford to feed her children let alone pay for their milk. Thatcher was graceful and polite in her reply’s, actually reminding the audience that it was the Labour government that had introduced the cap and not her, In my opinion she was being used as a scape goat for a former governments mistakes. It showed that long before Thatcher graced her presence at 10 Downing Street she was already a love to hate figure in politics.


Matilda, Queen of England 1102-1167

But was this because she was a woman?


I have always found it difficult why woman can never feel they can relate to Thatcher, But have began to wonder, is it because she was to masculine? Margaret Thatcher wasn’t the biggest advocate for the feminist movement. She ran things with an iron hand, in recent interviews surviving members of her cabinet revealed that they “Shrieked at the sound of her voice”. People just seemed to have a problem with her being the way she was and how she did things. But looking back into history men and woman alike have always had a problem with a woman who was not a “lady” and was in power. 100s of years before Maggie Thatcher was even born to this world a Queen of England, Matilda, had managed to gain England herself and become England’s first female ruler. You would think people would have rejoiced, but her solo reign hardily lasted a week. It was noted that Matilda’s face became “Wrinkled and horrid, unbecoming of a lady” when she was displeased, Suggesting whilst arrogance can be seen as a powerful trait in a man, it can be seen as it means in a woman. Is that what people thought of Thatcher?


Elizabeth I, Queen of England

Although it’s all so easy to compare Margaret Thatcher with a great female leader of England, Elizabeth I. Maybe The Tudor Queens speech upon the oncoming attack from the Spanish could be related To Thatcher “I may have the heart of a weak and fable woman, but I have the stomach of a King” Looking at these 2 historic characters it seemed they have a lot in common. Both near the edge of losing their temper, and maybe sanity, and both new what their visions were for the country they ruled. Maybe Margaret Thatcher will follow in Elizabeth I’s footsteps. When the Tudor Queen died she wasn’t as a popular figure as we read about now, the end of her reign had been plagued by famine, cold weather and hardships. Maybe one day future generations will look back at Margaret Thatcher as a kind of great character in politics.

I feel that we all owe Margaret Thatcher something. She changed the UK, in a way prepared it 

for the 21st century. When she was elected the UK was in no doubt a declining country. Long had gone the Empire and it was in with a  Europe that wished to change everything. Margaret Thatcher knew the UK could do better, but not just as a country but its people to. Thatcher allowed the lines between the classes to be blurred IF you allowed them. Suddenly you could buy your own home, and go into a bank that was not owned by the government. I would rather live in a country after Thatcher then before.



The next time you might slate Margaret Thatcher, Just simply look around. Everything she did is still present in today’s UK. If you new your stuff you could be almost anywhere in the UK and see the positive effects of Thatcherism. So, we haven’t seen the end of Maggie yet, and we won’t see the end of her for a long time.

One last thought.. 


Although i she has taken the UK’s population and divided it, i must say I don’t really have a right to say what i think about her. Im sure if this was 1983, i would be struggling to make something of my self under thatcher, since im the sort of person she wanted to change. Im aware that many people suffered during her years as leader, poor people simply got more so poor, whilst rich people enjoyed a golden age. But just stop for a secoundm Havent those rich people paid the price in more recent years for there greed? 



What ever you think of Margaret Thatcher, she set an example that anyone can be whom they want to be whether rich, poor a woman or man. Aim high. 


                   It seems I Can’t Smile


Robb —>


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