Long live the Queen! Serouisly she needs to live.

ImageQueen Elizabeth II in recent years has enjoyed the popularity that only her predecessors could dream. Evey one is fascinated by her, What is she like? What does she watch on TV?  The reason that she is so popular is because the Queen has kept silent.She does not give interviews and has no opinion of society. This is why the Queen has survived, By sticking to being a traditional monarch who stands waves and smiles but never speaks out. Even in the worst of situations were the Queen could use her divine right to rule to interfere and do what the people are asking the government to do would she be slandered by the public for interfering in something that most people say is non of her business. The Queen has clearly heard and learn. Although is has not always worked, The Queen’s stay away attitude nearly toppled the monarchy in august/ Sept 1997 on the death of Diana when she did not return to Buckingham Palace for Bamoral in Scotland. Further to that no flag flew over Buckingham Palace half mast of otherwise. Just to take a few moments to talk about the Flag crisis in 1997, the reason that a flag is not flown half mask over Buckingham ImagePalace is that the flag fly’s for the Queen. The Royal Standard will never fly half mast, never, since there is always a monarch. In Diana’s death, due to an out pour of mourning, the Union flag was flown at half mast over Buckingham Palace until the Queen’s return.

Although the Queen has had not the most popular of reigns over the years, in the 90s it just seemed no body liked her, She has made up for that by re branding the Monarchy in the 21st century and now enjoying immense popularity. But can the Monarchy survive when she is gone? People like the fact that the Queen is an old dear who has been Queen since before anybody can remember. People like the mystique that surrounds her, the fact that she was raised on a comparably different era, people see her as a slice of living history.

Lets say that (god forbid) The Queen Un unexpectedly died this morning. Her oldest son as per tradition becomes King. Ask our self’s this? Do we want another Monarch in the UK? I believe that Elizabeth II will become known as the exception. People excuse the monarch Imagebut in my view as soon as the Queen dies, the monarchy dies with her.

King Charles  has a serious job in front of him, and his work cut out. like his mother the new King is out spoken, talks on TV, and has an unpopular Wife. The first wrong move the new King would make is to announce Camilla will become Queen. When it comes to these issues people wont just forgive, there will be an out pour of anger towards him. The outcome of his first year will either lead to two outcomes, He will be forced to abdicate in favor of a popular William And Kate, or government will put the wheel in motion for a public vote on weather the monarchy should exist.

The first of the two outcomes would be the best, And I’m sure the Queen is aware of it. It must be obvious in the Palace the monarchy will die with Charles and that Charles should surpass the throne to his own son. British people like there monarch in 2 different ways. Youthful and old, However the Monarch must have been youthful and worked there way to old. Charles is just old, something that will never work.

In my view, i hope i am wrong, the monarch will not see out the century. People wont be as forgiving once the Queen is dead.

However there are possibleImage factors that will ensure that maybe just maybe the monarch might survive. The first is whats above, Charles can not be King. This would make William King and Kate his Queen. The 2nd is that William and Kate’s first born is a girl. Females tend to make far more popular monarchs then men. It would also be historic to see a Queen who has a brother on the throne.

But Whilst the Queen is here the Monarchy is safe, When she dies something will change. People like The Queen, they don’t like her job.




Could you have an open relationship?

My partner yesterday asked me “could you have an open relationship”

ImageThe first thing that came to my head was “My god their cheating”. I went onto say i could never have an open relationship. The thought of them with somebody else made my skin crawl. And what if this other person became a more important person in there life then myself?. I once new a couple in Brighton, England whom were a gay couple and had an open relationship, i found myself wondering, how does that work? do they take turns or what?

Now, I’m all into being open minded, i think we as human beings should all try something once, But being able to sleep with someone else and have permission to do it… is that drawing the line? what ever happened to commitment. Is an open relationship just a way of saying you could never be committed to one person?

I have to say when my partner told me i became a bit worried that they were starting to get  bored. After all when your only 21 the thought of only ever having one sexual partner from now on is a worrying feeling, in a way your youth is over when it has barely just began.

Out of curiosity this morning i looked into finding out whether open relationships was a popular thing to do. What i found was not whether its a cool thing to do but something more scientific. I found that monogamous relationships are acturly unnatural. Scientific research has shown that people are not a faithful specious, unlike swans that mate for life, humans are more like slutty penguins. 

it is natural to want to cheat or have an open relationship. It is society that has told us it isImage wrong to go off and have it away with barb next door or Jim over the road.

So maybe an open relationship is the way forward?

I would not say that an open relationship is the way forward, Humans have feelings, and the feeling of thinking your partner is spending to much time with another person would lead to doubt over the relationship. But if scientific studies have shown human’s naturally want more then one partner then what of Love? does it simply not exist? Well of course love is real, but it is possible to fall in love with more then one person.

This ruins my hope, i have always been a true romantic and have always argued a belief that we all have a soul some place in the world. But once again science  has thrown dirt over another belief.

I think in the end it all boils down to what sort of person you are, are you and guilty person? Or are you guilt’s free spirited cousin selfish? an open relationship would only ever work if you are both committed and very honest with each other since an open relationship can turn into a full blown affair very easily.

It would be a lie to say you Don’t fancy anyone else rather then your partner and maybe if the time raised, such as at a work party after a few vodkas you might even come to these feelings. But normally when your not under the influence of anything… or anyone your mind has been trained to make sure you stay focused on the person you are with. Your brain will continue to released the love chemical as long as you don’t stray of and start falling for somebody else. 

So maybe when your partner expresses a wish for an open relationship its time to start thinking, is this right for me?

I think the scary thing is that when your partner wants an open relationship it means they want there cake and they want to eat every last crumb. There still madly in love with you but want to test drive a few others. I don’t think that is a good thing. My heart aces at the sheer thought.

But its better then cheating right?

Yes, Its a lot better the cheating, but isn’t it just cheating with permission? what if you agree to it and your partner gets more action then you? when does the line draw at when it turns into cheating?

The bottom line is that an open relationship is not for everyone, most defiantly not for me. There are of course pros and cons, a lot of them, but in the end its what sort of person you are. Are you faithful, committed, or always looking for sex?. But for now i can safely say I’m not about to tell my partner I’m off out to find meaningless sex when my partner is there and whom I’m meant to love. Just my personal feeling.


One Last Thought,..


I love open minded people i think if you can have an open relationship and be happy, make it work then that’s fantastic, great even. I think if i was going to embark on this adventure i would have to deal with a lot of insecurity of my own. Trust is a big issue.



Freedom will always win in the face off terror.

Freedom will always win in the face off terror.

Just a quick blog before my daily one a bit later on,

When anything like what happened in Boston happens in the world I get a sick feeling deep in my stomach. It’s always a harsh reminder that we are never far from terror, and it is always unexpected and undeserved.

I live in the UK and back during the London bombs a few years ago now, the sheer terror and grief that cripples you for a day as you watch and see the horrors unfold in a city you call home. But let’s not focus of the evil of the world in a moment like this; let’s think about the hero’s who are saving people’s lives whilst putting their own at risk. The amazing stories of heroic actions and incredible tales of bravery that follow such tragic events are the ones we should tell are children. Kindness will always outweigh evil, however evil an action.

I send my prayersto Boston today.



A prime Minister That new what she wanted.

  We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Maggie Yet…

Yesterday “The Wizard of Oz” Wicked Witch of the east theme, “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” climbed to No.2 in the British music charts yesterday. Something I find reflects an ignorant nation more then divided.


Im sure in the past few days that we have all seen and heard enough of Margaret Thatcher to last a life time, But ahead of the funeral i wished to take the time to reflect of whom i have found to be a remarkable woman’s life.


The Wicked witch in the “Wizard of Oz”


Most of the people who got it up there are under the age of 22, the 

 majority were not even alive during Margaret Thatcher’s Premiership let alone remember it.


I wasn’t alive during her leadership either, but I have been able to marvel at it thanks to YouTube, as I watch her career progress as if she was still Prime Minister.  Now, I’m not a conservative nor if I was alive in the 1970s would I would not have voted for her (Although I most likely would as I would love the idea of a female leader) But I think, how shameful and embarrassing that we would disrespect someone so much. I don’t think the message is a hate message, taking such a song to No.2, But I think it’s a message that portrays allot of ignorance and UN-educated people.


I get it…


Her politics were tough on allot of people, but let’s not talk about her politics, let’s talk about the woman behind that. Born the daughter of a store keeper, Thatcher was born unlike many prime ministers, into no money. She worked hard, got into Oxford and of course got into politics becoming the first female ever to sit in cabinet. The other day I watched an interesting television show from 1971. It was a Q&A show with Margaret Thatcher taking questions as the Secretary of Education. Back then, before the soviets dubbed her the iron lady, she was known as the milk snatcher and people were not happy with her. What had happened is that the Labour government had capped the eligibility for free milk to a child over the age of 11. One woman in the audience, a woman of 6 children complained that she got £18 a week on benefits and could hardly afford to feed her children let alone pay for their milk. Thatcher was graceful and polite in her reply’s, actually reminding the audience that it was the Labour government that had introduced the cap and not her, In my opinion she was being used as a scape goat for a former governments mistakes. It showed that long before Thatcher graced her presence at 10 Downing Street she was already a love to hate figure in politics.


Matilda, Queen of England 1102-1167

But was this because she was a woman?


I have always found it difficult why woman can never feel they can relate to Thatcher, But have began to wonder, is it because she was to masculine? Margaret Thatcher wasn’t the biggest advocate for the feminist movement. She ran things with an iron hand, in recent interviews surviving members of her cabinet revealed that they “Shrieked at the sound of her voice”. People just seemed to have a problem with her being the way she was and how she did things. But looking back into history men and woman alike have always had a problem with a woman who was not a “lady” and was in power. 100s of years before Maggie Thatcher was even born to this world a Queen of England, Matilda, had managed to gain England herself and become England’s first female ruler. You would think people would have rejoiced, but her solo reign hardily lasted a week. It was noted that Matilda’s face became “Wrinkled and horrid, unbecoming of a lady” when she was displeased, Suggesting whilst arrogance can be seen as a powerful trait in a man, it can be seen as it means in a woman. Is that what people thought of Thatcher?


Elizabeth I, Queen of England

Although it’s all so easy to compare Margaret Thatcher with a great female leader of England, Elizabeth I. Maybe The Tudor Queens speech upon the oncoming attack from the Spanish could be related To Thatcher “I may have the heart of a weak and fable woman, but I have the stomach of a King” Looking at these 2 historic characters it seemed they have a lot in common. Both near the edge of losing their temper, and maybe sanity, and both new what their visions were for the country they ruled. Maybe Margaret Thatcher will follow in Elizabeth I’s footsteps. When the Tudor Queen died she wasn’t as a popular figure as we read about now, the end of her reign had been plagued by famine, cold weather and hardships. Maybe one day future generations will look back at Margaret Thatcher as a kind of great character in politics.

I feel that we all owe Margaret Thatcher something. She changed the UK, in a way prepared it 

for the 21st century. When she was elected the UK was in no doubt a declining country. Long had gone the Empire and it was in with a  Europe that wished to change everything. Margaret Thatcher knew the UK could do better, but not just as a country but its people to. Thatcher allowed the lines between the classes to be blurred IF you allowed them. Suddenly you could buy your own home, and go into a bank that was not owned by the government. I would rather live in a country after Thatcher then before.



The next time you might slate Margaret Thatcher, Just simply look around. Everything she did is still present in today’s UK. If you new your stuff you could be almost anywhere in the UK and see the positive effects of Thatcherism. So, we haven’t seen the end of Maggie yet, and we won’t see the end of her for a long time.

One last thought.. 


Although i she has taken the UK’s population and divided it, i must say I don’t really have a right to say what i think about her. Im sure if this was 1983, i would be struggling to make something of my self under thatcher, since im the sort of person she wanted to change. Im aware that many people suffered during her years as leader, poor people simply got more so poor, whilst rich people enjoyed a golden age. But just stop for a secoundm Havent those rich people paid the price in more recent years for there greed? 



What ever you think of Margaret Thatcher, she set an example that anyone can be whom they want to be whether rich, poor a woman or man. Aim high. 


                   It seems I Can’t Smile


Robb —>

Can we live without Facebook?

Can we live without Facebook?


An interesting question came to me not too long ago, Could I delete my Facebook?




My answer for that at the moment would be no… Don’t get me wrong… I would love to delete it, but then how would I know what everyone’s doing? Back in 1998 how did we invite people to events? How would I ever find out that the girl I knew from primary school 15 years ago had burst her tire on the M11 on the way to work. Well the plain answer to that one is that you didn’t.



Life before Facebook was a place when you would meet people and would most likely never see them again, but now all you have to do is find out there name and who you met them through then get on Facebook and hunt them down. Once they have accepted you, in which 99% do, you can find out almost everything about them. We live in a day and age were we have transformed the way we live our life’s on a daily basis being able to stay connected with people who we only met that one time drunk at a fancy dress party.




So is it a bad thing?


I was born in 1991, amongst the last generation that can barely remember a life without smart phones/internet, when we would go out into the street and play, but not be allowed to cross the line at the end of the street and be in before the street lamps turn on. It wasn’t until I was in year 7 in 2002 that something called Bebo popped up. Suddenly we could all talk to each other in ICT without talking. Then MSN came along, I remember a 13 year old me running to get home to log on just so I could talk to the same people I had been speaking to all day at school, but online. Eventually MySpace kicked off allowing us to create our own identity online, enabling us to show are interests, hobbies and favorite music with all our friends. But then something totally different was born. Facebook. The thing is with Facebook is from the outset in 2007 it looked like another MySpace, it started off as a tame website where we could type a sentence and it would sum up what we were thinking at that moment in time, and people could like that. However as years have progressed Facebook has become something different something we have come to rely on in our day to day lives. It how we keep in touch, we can stalk our exes, look for people we have not spoken to in years, keep connected to a point where it has become impossible to lose touch, so in a way it’s not so much a bad thing…






It could be said that Facebook has ruined our lives in a way… No longer can anything be done in secret, unlike MySpace which was more aimed at young people. My mother found out I smoked when she saw a picture I was tagged in of me holding a cigarette, something I had desperately tried to keep secret, but Facebook ruined that for me. No longer can you have a house party whilst mum and dad are away without your parents seeing something on Facebook. Facebook has also made it near impossible to cheat on your partner, I discovered my ex cheated when a picture came up on my Facebook, in the background was them in a rather compromising position. Interestingly for most people I know, their partners know there password. Anyone is only one click away from being found out, so in a way Facebook has made our life’s very public, everyone knows are business and anyone can find out where we are at any moment. Privacy in the 21st century is dead.


Facebook killed the competition 




Facebook has done something that the rest failed to do, it has molded its self into our day to day life, and it has made its self part of us. Life before Facebook seems like a lifetime ago. So the question is still unanswered, could we live without Facebook?


In the past I have found that people can be fickle. Things go in and out of fashion just like Lady Gaga changes her outfits. One minute MySpace enjoyed having the crown of the internet and lost it just as quick as people found something better. So will Facebook lose favour? Is there something just around the corner waiting to become the next big thing? In my view at this time it looks as if Facebook with wear the crown for a long time to come. It seems no website, including Google, instagram and twitter dare step out of place and go into direct competition by creating something even better. Similar yes, better never. For Facebook’s subjects it’s better to wait in the wings until there is a notable change in the wind before attempting to oust Mark Zuckerberg.




Without going on to much I do think, yes, Facebook will one day no longer hold any more relevance. But this will only happen when we find something that could make the way we connect even better. What Facebook has done has created something that we find we can’t live without and not even notice. But the answer to my question, “Could we live without Facebook?” Is at the moment, yes we could, it would be hard but it is doable. But if I wrote this in 10 years time and Facebook or something better was still around I would say; no we could not live without it. We as people are slowly transferring are lives on to the internet. It’s out with home photo albums and instead granny heads to the desktop to show embarrassing pictures of you to your new partner. In 2013 it is possible to revert are ways and leave the internet behind, but the longer we stay the more likely it will be that we will be staying forever. Untimely it will become not just part of our lives, but part of us.


A Last Thought...


Whilst writing this I discovered that “Facebook” Is not yet a word recognized on my version of Microsoft windows. I mentioned Facebook only 16 times in this blog. I would ask that you be kind this is actually the first blog I have ever written =p. And for the time being will write one a day until the end of this week. I’m writing blogs to practice my general writing skills…


Please do give me advice and tips on my writing as well as letting me know on what you think of the subject.